Social Events

Upcoming Events:

Annual Christian Hills Picnic in the Park (September 2020)
Cider and Donuts (October 2020) (this may either be merged with a Halloween event or with the Picnic in the Park, details forthcoming)

Halloween event in the Park for the kids (October 2020)

Residents, please contact us if you would like to help with these fun events. We need volunteers! Thanks. 


Annual Christian Hills Garage Sale

The Annual Christian Hills Garage Sale was June 13-14, 2020 and was an outstanding success!

Contact us if you would like to help with next year's sale!

General Information regarding Garage Sales


There are no Homeowners' Association restrictions on yard sales. If the Annual Christian Hills Garage Sale weekend just does not work for you, you can have your sale at another time. Here are the City's rules regarding Garage Sales.


City of Rochester Hills Garage Sale Sign Ordinance:

A permit is not required from the City of Rochester Hills for garage sales. The City of Rochester Hills does have an ordinance in effect with regards to garage sale signs:

  • Signs must be on private property with permission of the owner.

  • Each garage sale shall be limited to one sign located on the premises and one sign located off the premises.

  • Each garage sale sign shall not exceed 6 square feet in area and 4 feet in height.

  • Signs advertising the garage sale shall not be erected for more than 12 days in any calendar year per garage sale location.

  • Signs shall not be located within public right-of-ways or on other publicly owned property.


Garage sales are a great way to empty the house of unused items and make a little cash, and it is a great way for folks to save some money. Here are a few guidelines outlined in the Property Maintenance Ordinance regarding garage sales:

  • Only four garage sales are allowed per year.

  • The garage sale may only be held for a seventy-two (72) hour period. (3 days only)

  • Only items contained in the home may be sold. Items may not be brought in from off the premise, except from neighboring homes participating in a joint garage sale.

  • The garage sale times are from 9:00 am to sunset.

  • One sign is allowed on the site of the sale and one sign off premise at the entrance of the subdivision as long as it is located on private property, with permission of the owner, and not located in the public road right-of-way.

  • Homeowners holding a garage sale should be alert to traffic obstructions caused by those shopping at a sale. 

Annual Christian Hills Picnic in the Park

September 2020 (watch signs by the entrances for exact date)

Other social events are posted on the Christian Hills Subdivision Private Group on Facebook. The Homeowner's Association Board website is not connected to the Facebook Private Group, but the Social Committee Chairperson generally posts to the Facebook Private Group as a way to remind members of the group of upcoming social events.